Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Royal Rumble Begins

I had spent a good few weeks before the day collecting cardboard boxes in the intention of building a ring within the flat as a centre piece to the event. I could not of predicted how much of a key part the the ring played on the entirely outcome of the party.

The stacked level of cardboard added a bounce to your step as you were inclosed by cardboard tubes in each corner and surrounded with a blue rope. it only took a cheering excitable crowd and a few beers until havoc was unleashed and our own royal rumble had began with our very own mighty maulers.

Lets have a wrestle!


Le Gimp VS Summer of Love

A truly epic Beginning to Mighty Maulers. Introducing Jon Place as Summer of Love and Jonny Estgate as Le Gimp. The crowd went wild as battle commenced between the two legends, re creating signature moves of WF in a adrenaline pumped brawl.

An Excellent Sueplex by Le Gimp

The Punishing walls of jericho.

Looks as though the sneaky Gypo Scum is going to join in from taking a jump of the side.


Gypo Scum & Jim Trash
Rambo Jackson & The Bandit

The first tag team battle of the evening which included many memorable moments

A magnificent elbow to rambo jackon

you will need to log into facebook

Rambo Jackson gets into some trouble but luckly his good friend the bandit arrives to help him out. Although Tim Trash was also around to watch Gypo Scums back.

the fight begins to get out of hand and ref is called upon to get involved to deal with this madness by the only way these wrestlers force!

The ring post went down as good weapon of choice.

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