Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mighty Mauler Packs

The wanted items of the evening that i was giving away free to everyone that attended and made effort on costume.

I made a total of 40 packs that where 2 colour screen printed envelops. The envelopes contained a 16 page mini mighty mauler booklet which i had comprised of photographic moments from the actual book. The packs also included a single A4 screen print ranging from 3 to 4 colours, there was 5 possible prints to get and the prints where put into packs at random.

I wanted the packs as something people could take back home from the party to admire and remember the good time they had.

2 colour screen print envolpes

16 paged mini mighty mauler booklet

5 different screens prints ranging from 3 to 4 colours.


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